Posted on: Feb , 2020

I’m pleased to announce:

An In-Person, 2-Day Class at Midland College

When: March 2 & 3
Where: Midland College, Midland, Texas
Registration: Midland College Website

Have you ever seen the drilling process up close?

Have you ever toured a drilling facility?

This is your chance to get up close and personal with that most basic element of the oil and gas industry—the drill site!

Part of this unique course is a field trip to an actual hydraulic fracking drilling unit in the Midland area.

Hardhats will be provided!

This information-packed two-day course provides students with the background every energy professional needs to understand the nature of our industry and profession.

The course emphasizes the laws and specific principles and guidelines that govern the work of a land professional.

Course topics include:

  • Industry Overview The initial session is an overview of the oil and gas industry beginning with the invention of the kerosene lamp to hydraulic fracking.
  • Legal Descriptions – This lesson teaches students how to describe and locate prospects on a map using Metes and Bounds and Congressional Survey Systems.
  • Real Property Law – Students will learn the distinction between real and personal property and its impact on leasing as well as the different types and degrees of ownership in minerals.
  • Oil & Gas Lease – A review of the provisions in an oil and gas lease. Students will also be provided with an annotated lease guide to be used as a reference after the class.
  • Lease Calculations – Working interest, net revenue interest, royalty rates, mineral interests, calculating acreage in a unit, calculating acreage with multiple owners – these are some of the calculation tutorials that will be taught in this module of the course. (Time permitting)
  • Field Trip – Students will take a tour of a local drilling well. Seeing the process first-hand is an unbeatable way to enhance their understanding of the industry.
  • Probate Law – Students learn how to handle the interests when an owner dies, either with or without a valid will. This session focuses on the Descent & Distribution laws of the major oil and gas producing states including, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Louisiana.
  • Changes of Ownership – Students learn the different documents necessary to change the ownership of a mineral owner as a result of a name change or title transfer. This presentation also focuses on how to analyze the documents to ensure compliance with all laws.
  • Introduction to Pooling – This session gives students a look at the pooling provision in the oil and gas lease including its history, purpose, impact and implementation of state conservation laws.

Who Should Attend: Ideal for landmen, lease analysts, division order analysts, land techs, secretaries, administrative personnel, imagers, attorneys, accountants, geologists, management, mineral owners and anyone else seeking a greater understanding of the land function.

This is the background every energy professional needs to understand the nature of our industry and profession.