About Land Training

Land Training’s services include:

  • Professional Land Management Certificate program
  • Division Order Certificate program
  • Free tutorials to help clarify the calculations in the NALTA study guide and the AAPL’s CPL and RPL exam study guide.
  • In-person training
  • Keynote and breakout sessions

Land Training was founded in 2006 to ensure that land professionals had the practical skills they need to succeed.

In 1986 the oil industry experienced a downturn, and lots of energy professional were let go. Years later when oil prices rebounded and the industry started to hire again, much of the practical knowledge was gone.

Now, 50% of seasoned oil and gas professionals are set to retire in the next 5 years, taking all their tips, tricks, and knowledge with them.

Land Training exists to bridge the knowledge gap between long-term energy industry professionals, and those who are new to the industry. We teach the practical skills that you don’t get in school, and that you’ll put to use now, on the job and in the field.

Our certificate programs are offered online in partnership with Midland College. All of our programs can also be customized and presented as seminars or workshops at your organization.

Our Mission

Educate new generations of land professionals to succeed in a growing industry.