Hear what our clients are saying about their experience with Professor Alyce Hoge’s PLM and DO Certificate Program courses.

Keynotes, Articles & Expertise

Alyce is an icon in my book. Smart, informative and humorous all at the same time. This MC experience has been just grand. Thank you ever so much.

– Reid Everling, Independent Landman

Alyce Hoge is a dynamic speaker with a scintillating style…making her workshops both enjoyable & enlightening.

– NALTA News, December 2007 (pg.41)

Alyce Hoge is a wonderful speaker, author and person. Her article “Who Puts the ‘K’ in Fracking?” explains how Mineral Owners and those involved in the Mineral Management and Oil and Gas Industry should do our part to reduce the poor perception of Frac’ing. It is a fun read and she provides links to further reading. She also has links to previous articles she has written! Go give it a read!

– The NARO Foundation

Being new to the business, I found the presentation very helpful/educational. Alyce is a great speaker, easy to follow. I would highly recommend to others.

– Anna Fuentes, Hilcorp

PLM Training Course

My family owns an exploration business, and I took this course to increase my knowledge about the land management side of the business. This course was more comprehensive than other courses available.

– Deborah Moore

Alyce is a wonderful teacher!

– Crawford Yates

I enjoyed the way the courses were presented and feel that I have acquired a wealth of knowledge that will help me in my career in the energy sector.

– Ramona Gibson

The PLM Certificate program was one of the best things I have done in my course of study. I learned many lessons that have helped and continue to help me in my job as a lease analyst. Thank you for this wonderful course – I will never forget it.

– Kendall Myers

Loved the course!!

– Terra Miller

Overall, each lesson helped solidify my knowledge base and has given me greater confidence in my work. Thank you, Alyce!

– Ambry Vela

The PLM Certificate program provided a great outlet to practice skillsets. Ample context was given in each module, making the application of this course into real life, so much easier. I appreciated the modules being split apart and covering different topics, rather than all a continuous course with little differentiation.

– Crawford Yates

Our company is considering paying for all our employees to take the course—as it has been so valuable and pertinent to what we do. Thanks again! You have been so much fun, and you are a brilliant instructor!

– Jennifer Hall

As a professional active in the Oil & Gas Industry, I recommend The Land Management Training Classes at Midland College. Alyce provides clear and thorough instruction with an advanced level of knowledge.  This is the “go-to” training for our industry.

– Cindy Washington

The course includes a wide variety of excellent teaching tools accompanied by an enjoyable learning atmosphere all leading to a fun and exciting learning experience. I highly recommend this course for land professionals.

– Reginald Lyle

I decided to take this PLM Certificate Program because I am new to the industry and I needed training. This was the best decision I made! I’ll be honest — I was concerned about the time, content, passing the class since I’ve been out of school for a very long time. However, I was relieved when I learned how easy it was to manage my time and I was able to do it at my own pace. There was so much material to go over, but the Professor explained it so well that I was able to understand and learn so much in a short period of time. What I liked is that there were tools like the PowerPoint slides and even flashcards to help you study for the exams. This program has unquestionably helped me understand and given me the confidence to do my job and I would definitely recommend this program. Professor Alyce Hoge is not only very knowledgeable, but super funny and just a great teacher all the way around. Thank you!

– Eva Witt

I would recommend this program to not just any landman, but everyone in the oil and gas business. As a person who had zero experience in this field at the time of the first class, I learned a tremendous amount about being a landman.  Professor Hoge was great in every way; she provides the material and teaches the information in a very attainable way. When I was in college, I was never a fan of online classes because I prefer the face-to-face interaction with a professor, but these courses were great and I had no issues. Professor Hoge was great about accommodation and communication. My favorite time period of history to learn about is the Carnegie, Vanderbilt and Rockefeller era, so learning about the history of oil intrigued me. Overall, these classes were fantastic and I would recommend them to any person like me that has no experience in the oil and gas business or, any person in general looking to learn.

– Andrew Bastein

I honestly feel that all individuals that are involved in the Oil and Gas Industry should take this course.  It provides a wealth of knowledge in the Oil and Gas Industry in not only the laws regarding it, but provides a history as well.  I found the history of Oil and Gas very interesting because it taught me even more about what America was founded on than I previously knew.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone that deals in the industry. Professor Hoge’s teaching method is exceptional and provides a very interesting and entertaining approach to the lectures.  I can not express enough how beneficial this class has been and I will continue to recommend it to friends and colleagues. Completing this class gives me a confidence that I did not have prior to taking this course. Honestly, I am disappointed that it is over.  I wish there was another course that I could take from Professor Hoge to continue to learn more about the Oil and Gas Industry.  If there are ever any more courses that you teach in the Oil and Gas Industry, please let me know because I will sign up!!! You did an exceptional job and I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you.

– Jerri Turney

I am so glad I found the PLM Certificate Program! Having been promoted into a Land Manager role within my company, I needed to quickly find a program that would give me the industry and legal knowledge to be able to successfully navigate the new role. The PLM program is well structured and paced to be manageable for professionals working a full-time job. Not only is Professor Hoge an expert in the field, but she also made the material relevant and interesting and was always available to answer questions and help me problem solve. She made even the most complex legal concepts easy to comprehend and included her trademark Cajun humor along the way! The course is broken down into 6 manageable chunks that are all chock full of valuable information to help make sense of the oil and gas industry and become a successful land professional. The assignments are designed with a purpose in mind and there is no busy work or fluff.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without this course. After six short months, I already feel more confident and comfortable when speaking to my colleagues about leasing, negotiations, royalty payments and general land principals. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the laws and practices governing the work of land professional. There are very few programs of this kind being offered online and none of them compare to this one in terms of quality or cost. A real gem!

– Kelly Herrgesell

If you are looking to become a landman, or are already one and looking to sharpen your skills as a landman, I would highly recommend the PLM Certificate Program.  The course is very informative and has a multitude of information on each and every subject in the profession.  The instructor is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and presents the information in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

– William Phillips

This PLM Certificate Program was very informative and perfect for me as someone trying to pursue a career in this industry.  Alyce Hoge was an outstanding instructor that broke the curriculum down making it easy to follow. She conveyed professionalism and a vast amount of knowledge of the industry.  I appreciate her sharing humor as well as her real life work experiences. She comes across approachable and has always responded quickly to any concerns.  I thank her for the more hands on field exercises, particularly the one in module 6 as I believe it will soon prove to have led me to my first landman work.  Thank you, Ma’am.

– Robert Avent

I would recommend this course to anyone that is looking to get started in the landman business or to any body that needs to brush up on the knowledge. I have greatly enjoyed taking the classes and Alyce Hoge has been very helpful when I have had any questions. The course setup has also been easy and convenient to use and works with a busy life. I took this certificate program to help me move up in my company and it has taught more about what goes into being a landman than I realized.

– Kyle Saunders

The Land Management class for me was challenging and exciting. I was new to the land aspect of my company and was nervous about taking this class, but after taking the class I feel more confident and at ease than ever before. I can offer an opinion now and not be nervous about it. The class schedule was easy to work with. The material for the class was informative and easy to understand. Alyce Hoge, the instructor, was amazing. Any question I had she helped me with. She emailed, texted and even had phone conversations until I understood. Awesome! Would recommend to any land professional.

– Maria Roach

I would 100% recommend this course to other people interested in looking to deepen their knowledge of land management! This has been one of the best courses I have ever taken. I have been studying similar information on land management out of books for over a decade, have taken classes and have attended a wide variety of conferences and seminars, but have never felt this confident to set out into the world of Oil and Gas and say: “I know what I am talking about!” This course has made a difficult, complex, and multi-leveled topic comprehensible and digestible. With the conclusion of each module in this six-month course I have gained more confidence and understanding. It has given me the confidence to reach out to peers and network in a way I had never felt able to before.

The instructor, Alyce Hoge, is an exceptional educator who presents the information in each module in such a way that difficult ideas or concepts are easily broken down for better comprehension. She does an amazing job encouraging her students to engage with each other through a variety of interesting topics, to discussion on discussion boards. These modules are rounded out with hands-on assignments and field trips. This is where I cannot stress enough how thoughtful these assignments are. The assignments allow you to push beyond lectures and source material and dive deeper into real life situations or research for deeper understanding of the modules. Each assignment gave the students the opportunity for some hands-on experience or exploration in the field. She is also very supportive and encouraging to her students. She makes herself available for questions and responds to any messages in a quick and timely manner.

I just cannot stress enough what a wonderful experience this course has been. I am leaving this course with more confidence to talk with peers in my field and to do my job in an efficient, educated, and productive manner.

– Tiffany Bociek

DO Training Course

This Division Order Analyst Program has been fantastic. I have been in the oil and gas business for several years now, and this course taught me so much I didn’t know. Even the things I have a good grasp on, the course was able to provide more detail and clarity to those topics. Personally, I enjoyed the history lessons Prof. Hoge weaved into most lessons. These were things I do not ever remember learning, even at my highest level of geology classes in college. It was great to see the backbone of where most of our industry comes from. Lastly, it was the Excel portion of the class that taught me the most. Admittedly, that is the weakest part of my job, so learning the basics of this tool will be a wonderful addition to my skills. I cannot thank Prof. Hoge enough for providing a clear, concise way to understand all this knowledge. Highly recommend!

– Jonathan Heape

This was very beneficial to me as a landman wanting to increase my knowledgebase. It’s probably the best online certificate program that I’ve taken, and I’ve done several from different places.

– Aaron Howard

This was a great course. As a revenue accountant wanting to better understand the DO side of the business, this course taught me so many different aspects including understanding decimals, terms, contracts and all the other responsibilities that go into title/DO part of land and mineral ownership. I love to learn, and I’m sad this course is over!

– Rick Jones

For someone with title and leasing background only, this program was incredibly useful. The calculations from Module 4 especially have been invaluable as I took over a position in my office that was previously held by a division order analyst. My company audits and monitors client’s mineral interests, and any given day has leases, DOs, DPUs, JOAs, and more crossing my desk, and I finally feel like I have a firm grasp and understanding of how all those components work together. When clients call me with questions, I’ve been able to give them answers without relying on Google and teaching myself on the fly. It’s also been a good refresher for the title and lease/sale aspects of my job. Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge with us.

– Karissa Martin

This program did an exceptional job of providing me with the knowledge of what it means to be a division order analyst. It provided me with the ability to understand a lease, make calculations on the lease, understand legal descriptions, and even the history of the oil and gas industry. My current position in my job has expanded to the point where this knowledge has been extremely applicable.

– Hunter Purdue

In my opinion, the program was great and extremely informational! Alyce Hoge is so knowledgeable, easy to go to if you have any questions, and truly feels like she loves teaching and what she does! Great course!!

– Elizabeth Reynolds

In my opinion, the overall Division Order Certificate Program was extremely helpful. I learned so much and feel much more confident in my role at my current position.

– Summer Taylor

In my opinion the program is very well organized and explained. I am confident that I will be able to carry this information with me in the future as a DOA.

– Danielle Torres

This program was extremely helpful to me since we do not have a DO analyst or land department. I have learned a lot and this is just the beginning in helping me understand all I need to know to do my job to the best of my ability. Thank you!

– Lori Land, Global Oil & Gas

I have enjoyed this class so much.  I have loved learning this and it was an all new experience for me.  The instructor was amazing, learning was fun and she taught it in a way that was easy to comprehend and understand.  I am excited to state applying this to everyday work.  I am excited to get to work.  Thank you for making learning new things possible and in a way that was fun!

– Cayce Mulcuit, Delta Oil & Gas

Video Tutorials

Ms. Hoge, thank you for putting up the videos linked in your May 7th email. I have just now started reviewing the material and wanted to let you know that I find it very demonstrative and easy to follow. I appreciate your work producing this video series. I’m sure that it will help many landmen, lease analysts, division order analysts and contracts analysts helpful in their everyday work.

– Michael McGinnis