To help land professionals get a handle on the many different calculations involved in oil and gas exploration and production, Land Training provides free YouTube tutorials you can watch and share.

CPL and RPL Exam Study Guide

Prep for your land management exams with 36 brief video tutorials, which walk through every oil and gas calculation in the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) CPL and RPL Exam Study Guide.

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Basic Lease Calculations

In this series of 10 short videos, you’ll see the solutions to all the calculations done on the leasing side of the oil and gas industry, including how to calculate interest, royalty payments, bonus payments, gross and net acres, and more.

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NALTA Study Guide Problems

This series of 12 mini-tutorials helps you prepare for certification as a lease and title analyst. Each video walks you through a separate calculation problem in the NALTA study guide.

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