Posted on: Jun , 2020


This summer is different from all the past to say the least. Instead of beach reading, most of us are enjoying staycations and work-from-home realities.

So, instead of a summer reading list, I’m sharing some free downloads to make life as a Division Order Analyst easier:

  • Spreadsheet WITH Formulas (.xlsx):
    An amazing tool, this is an interactive Excel spreadsheet created for Division Order Analysts by my co-instructor Sherry Robinson, complete with formulas and annotations. Sherry teaches the Calculations module of our Division Order Certificate Program. Make copies of the spreadsheet and fill in your own data to see how the formulas work. Don’t miss the second tab/sheet in the file. Bonus: Sherry explains how to use this spreadsheet in the free video tutorial, below.
  • FREE Video Tutorial:  Anatomy of a Texas Spreadsheet
    In this video Sherry walks you through the division order pay sheet she has created in Excel, talking about each section, showing the formulas, and demonstrating how it works, and how it makes a Division Order Analyst’s life easier!

How to Read Formulas in a Title Opinion (PDF):
Reading Formulas worksheet. Print and run through the formulas yourself.

Take care and stay safe.