Posted on: Feb , 2023

At long last, we are pleased to introduce our brand new Lease & Title Analyst Certificate Program! Designed to teach lease and title analysts and other land professionals in the oil and gas industry, the knowledge and skills necessary to be a competent and effective lease and title analyst. Lease & title analysts are an important part of the land management process and deserve their own certificate program! This six month – six module certificate program is perfect for the new or experienced lease and title analyst interested in advancing their knowledge and career. I am also giving out my Lease Guide FREE as a gift!

Perhaps more than any other land professional, a lease and title analyst must be hyper-vigilant to understand, interpret and apply the different lease provisions in the oil and gas lease. For example, a lease and title analyst that fails to pay a delay rental payment timely, risks losing the entire lease, a potentially multi-million dollar mistake! Lease and title analysts must capture these important obligations and ensure that they are made properly so as to avoid financially catastrophic consequences.

Lease and title analysts are known for their intellect and attention to detail. This course emphasizes a knowledge of all aspects of lease work – from verifying the recordation and assignment of the lease to analyzing lease provisions and capturing the company’s legal obligations to the lessor. In addition, the course examines the process and provides a hands-on exercise in implementing the different types of ownership changes of the lease.

As in all aspects of land work, calculating interests in the oil and gas lease is a critical skill and this course incorporates calculations in every module.

Sign up today and be on your way to receiving your Lease & Title Analyst Certificate from Midland College!