Posted on: Feb , 2022

As students in my courses know, I’m a big believer in the value of networking, mentoring, and continuous education. In fact as part of our Professional Land Management and Division Order certificates, I require students to attend a monthly industry meeting.

With COVID changes over the past two years, many of those events moved to virtual, which is still great for learning but not so much for networking. This is a small industry, and networking offers immense value.

As we navigate our ongoing COVID world, I’m so pleased to see that in-person events are back. From seminars and workshops to lunches and conferences, it’s time to get out and see folks in our industry again. So, if you “forgot” about events (we all did), take a look at the three main associations and make it a goal to attend something this spring.


AAPL – American Association of Professional Landmen

– Attend Local & Regional Events: See calendar listing here
– Annual Meeting | details coming soon

NALTA – National Association of Lease & Title Analysts

– Attend Local Events: See chapter event listing here
– Save the Date: 2022 Conference | August 29-31 | San Antonio, Texas

NADOA – National Association of Division Order Analysts

– Attend Local Events: See chapter listings and websites
– Save the Date: 2022 Institute | October 26-28 | San Antonio, Texas


And, for those of you with interesting learning, milestones, and results over the past few years, I’d encourage you to see if it’s time to flip the format and submit to be a guest speaker at an event this year. Our power as an industry is greater the more we learn and improve.


Midland College – Module 6 Courses Open for Registration

There is still time to registration for our March Module 6 courses for PLM and DO. As always, these courses are in a fully online format to allow working professionals a flexible way to deep dive into key areas of our work as land professionals.


PLM: Federal & State Laws that Impact Land Ownership

By the end of Module 6, students will be able to understand:
● How to Lease Onshore/Offshore Federal Properties
● Purpose & Creation of Federal Units
● Environmental Laws that Impact Drilling & Development
● Tax Incentives for Oil & Gas Development


DO: Oil & Gas Contracts

By the end of Module 6, students will be able to understand:
● The 5 Basic Elements of Contract Law
● Farmouts/Ins Agreements
● Division Orders
● Trades/Promotes
● Joint Operating Agreements
● Assignments


New Course Launches in Spring: Lease & Title Analyst Certificate

And, speaking of moving forward, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching a LEASE & TITLE ANALYST CERTIFICATE program this Spring. Information on the modules and registration will be in March and April.