Posted on: Apr , 2024

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We asked past Module 2 students: “What aspect of the Running Title course was most advantageous for you?”

The conveyance problems and chaining the title exercise were the best assignments for me personally because it helped me understand how the landman are doing their job when it comes to understanding royalty interest, non participating royalty interest, and the different types of deeds.

– Nicholas Bowden

Learning how to calculate the various fractional interests.

– Anna Ardelean

The most beneficial part of the Running Title course was conveyance and interest calculations.

– Corey Amerson

The most beneficial part was working on the conveyance problems in the text book and reviewing the tutorials on the specific problem in canvas. I struggle with understanding the language used to convey title and interest so having the book or tutorial reinforce what I was thinking or guide me in the right directions has helped tremendously.

– Ryan Call

Being new to the industry the most beneficial part of running title was to review the overall process and steps of how you determine a mineral owner. I love murder mysteries and running title is very similar to solving a case where research and mapping out what you find is crucial.  Reviewing the actual legal instruments in the courthouse assignment was also helpful to do the work after reviewing the course.

The legal terminology and some of the fractional math will take more time and exposure to get used to.  I have seen many of the historical documents including land platts and division orders from helping my dad and now the documents and industry terminology we reviewed in this module are making so much more sense to me.

Before it was like trying to read another language and now I am learning to understand what things mean. So thank you and I look forward to future modules.

– Sarah Crosby

The most beneficial part of the course was understanding the ownership of the minerals and the leasing of the royalty interest. The calculations were very helpful and demonstrated the distribution of net revenue and who bears the cost of royalties. The vocabulary was very helpful and I appreciated the tutorials for the calculations.

– Stephanie Hamby

Honoring Our Certificate Graduates!

Completing a six-month program requires dedication and consistent effort. Therefore, today, we are applauding your colleagues who have successfully obtained their certificates in the past six months.