Posted on: Jun , 2021

Let’s celebrate! As many of you may have attended high school and college graduations for your family or friends this past month, I too want to celebrate in our Midland College family.

This month I’m honoring your peers who successfully completed one of our six-month, online certificate programs and sharing a bit about their experience.

As working professionals, it’s often tough to balance doing your job and finding time to learn, train and improve your skills. It’s why I’m so passionate about our self-paced, online classes to help make it easy for land professionals to achieve that second part easily.

It also takes commitment and consistency to complete a six-month program. So, today, we’re celebrating your peers who earned their certificates over the past six months.

Professional Land Management Certificate:

  • Juan Amado
  • Deborah Moore
  • Brendan Bell
  • Kendall Myers
  • Dawn Copeland
  • Ambry Vela
  • Ramona Gibson
  • Crawford Yates
  • Jennifer Hall
  • Tevis Yates
  • Terra Miller

Division Order Certificate:

  • Sharla Baxter
  • Hunter Perdue
  • Corey Gillespie
  • Elizabeth Reynolds
  • Aaron Howard
  • Summer Taylor
  • Rick Jones
  • Danielle Torres
  • Karissa Martin
  • James Weir

A special note to my graduates: Thank you for investing in your career and improving our industry with your new knowledge. And, thank you for entrusting me to guide you on this journey. Congratulations!

Insights from Our Graduates

Professional Land Management:

  • “The PLM Certificate program was one of the best things I have done in my course of study. I learned many lessons that have helped and continue to help me in my job as a lease analyst. Thank you for this wonderful course – I will never forget it.”
  • “The PLM Certificate program provided a great outlet to practice skillsets. Ample context was given in each module, making the application of this course into real life, so much easier. I appreciated the modules being split apart and covering different topics, rather than all a continuous course with little differentiation.”
  • “Our company is considering paying for all of our employees to take the course—as it has been so valuable and pertinent to what we do. Thanks again! You have been so much fun, and you are a brilliant instructor!”

Division Order Certificate:

  • “This was very beneficial to me as a landman wanting to increase my knowledge base. It’s probably the best online certificate program that I’ve taken, and I’ve done several from different places.”
    “This was a great course. As a revenue accountant wanting to better understand the DO side of the business, this course taught me so many different aspects and the responsibilities that go into title/DO part of land and mineral ownership. I love to learn and I’m sad this course is over!”
  • “For someone with title and leasing background only, this program was incredibly useful. The calculations from Module 4 especially have been invaluable. I finally feel like I have a firm grasp and understanding of how all the components work together. When clients call me with questions, I’ve been able to give them answers without relying on Google and attempting to teach myself on the fly.”

If you’d like to increase your knowledge as well, I hope you’ll join me for an upcoming module this year.