This six-month fully online course has trained thousands of land professionals allowing them to start or advance their career in land management.

Taught by an attorney, licensed in Texas, Alyce Hoge has over 30 years in the oil and gas industry as a landman, lease and title analyst and division order analyst.  She is also a CPLTA and a CDOA.  Alyce is recognized and sought-after expert and instructor on topics related to land management.

This a six-module course with each module being about month in length.  Each course is estimated to take about 12 hours each including webinars, lectures, videos, field trips, class projects and assignments.

The modules are designed to mirror the steps a landman takes to secure a lease and develop properties:

  • In Module 1, we cover the foundation of land work including the process of securing a lease, real property law, probate law, Louisiana law and an industry overview.
  • In Module 2, we cover how to determine mineral ownership through a check of the county records. This is referred to as “chaining title” and you will learn how to read and interpret county records through an actual chaining title exercise.  This is a hands-on approach to learning how to chain title.
  • In Module 3, we cover the oil and gas lease including interpreting, negotiating and calculations.  Habendum clause, Mother Hubbard clause, Savings clauses, pooling, royalty clauses are all covered in this module.  We also discuss negotiation strategies including “divide and conquer” and “the “either/or” strategy.  Finally, we look at calculating working interests, net revenue interests, gross/net acres and division order decimal interests.
  • In Module 4, we take a hard look at oil and gas law and its impact on land management. Beginning with the “heaven to hell” theory of land ownership, to the rule of capture, dominant mineral estate, accommodation doctrine, we examine the rights of the mineral owner and the surface owner under the law.  This module ncludes a review of landmark case law impacting oil and gas land management.
  • In Module 5, we examine the role of contracts with respect to producing properties. Joint Operating Agreement, Farmout Agreements, Area of Mutual Interest Agreements, Drilling Contract Agreements including a discussion of non-consent penalties, back-in options, overriding royalty interests, working interests, options to convert, excess royalty and convertible override.  All of these agreements and concepts are covered including what makes a contract legally enforceable.  A MUST for every landman.
  • In Module 6, we conclude with federal laws and their impact on oil and gas including environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act, CERCLA, RICRA as well as how to lease from the federal government and the many tax advantages provided in the federal IRS code for drilling oil and gas to supply our nation’s energy.

Please note that while there is an order to the classes, THE COURSES MAY BE TAKEN IN ANY ORDER.

The Midland College PLM Certificate Program will provide you with the skills that you need to become a successful land profession in today’s dynamic 21st century Energy Industry.

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