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Land Training is now offering University Level Online Certificate Programs through Midland College Petroleum Professional Development Center and the University of Houston.

Online Certificate Programs

Our Certificate Programs are now being offered at two universities:

University of Houston - Beginning February 2, 2015

Professional Land Management Certificate Program: Reserve your spot now and register today for the UH PLM Certificate Program

Midland College

Professional Land Management Certificate: Currently being offered. Reserve your spot now and register today for the Midland College PLM Certificate Program

Division Order Certificate Program: 1st in the nation! – Currently being offered. Module 1 begins anew on February 2, 2015. Watch the Midland College website for Division Order Certificate Program registration links (coming soon).

The Professional Land Management Courses and the Division Order Course can all be taken online! These courses are highly interactive and focus on weekly one-hour webinars, assignments, videos, projects, and independent field trips. These learning methods are highly innovative and extremely effective in providing you with the 'hands on' experience and information you need to become successful. The content you will learn is everything a land professional should know to survive in this exciting industry.

These Certificate Programs will ensure you stand apart from those in the industry without this set of knowledge. After six months you will be eligible to receive a Professional Landman Certificate or a Division Order Certificate. These certificates are important credentials that can be added to your resume and skill set to let your current or future employer know that you have received university quality education in land management. In fact, many companies cover the tuition costs for their employees. Ask your company about enhancing your land specific education through these university level programs today!

For more information about our webinar products and free online calculations tutorials, click on the E-Learning link.

Alyce Hodge

Advantages of the Online Professional Land Management Program

  • Convenient - Take the course wherever you want, regardless of geographical location. No parking, no driving, no traffic, no commute, no bad weather. All you need to take the program is a computer and internet access.
  • Flexible Schedule to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle - Take the course any time of day or night. While the live webinars are offered weekly at a set time, they are recorded for you to take when your schedule permits. Course time can be spent at the office or at home, whatever your busy schedule demands.
  • Interactive - Live one-hour webinars provide class interaction whereby the instructor generates class discussions and students have the opportunity to ask questions. In addition, our online format enhances your learning experience by allowing you to meet and work with peers from across the nation.
  • Targeted - The course is geared for land professionals and taught by a land professional, focusing not only on the theory of land management principles but on its practical application in real-world scenarios.
  • Calculations - Every module teaches calculations so they build foundations of understanding instead of having just one course on calculations.
  • Ethics - This course covers the AAPL Code for Ethics to encourage all landmen and land professionals to act as professionals abiding by the highest standards.
  • Field Trips - Two self-guided field trips are required: one to your county courthouse and another to a local AAPL, NALTA or NADOA lunch-and-learn program.

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